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Review of: RIF6 Cube
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On January 4, 2017
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Don't let its small size and nondescript appearance fool you, the RIF6 is unassuming, but packs a mighty punch. As an "ultra-portable" projector its all value and has great mobile connectivity. Definitely worth the money and will satisfy a number of use cases.

With all the devices available in the market, finding the right one to make your devices more viewable may be a daunting task. Getting a device with a larger screen raises issues of portability. A projector may seem a more logical solution but most are too cumbersome and thus the cost far outweighs the solution.

Fortunately for you, the RIF6 Cube mobile projector brings the most convenient solution for all your viewing needs. Transform any place you are in into a cinema, display your work for all your friends to see, the possibility is limitless as this great device allows you to connect your device to the whole world!

Don’t Let The Small Size Fool You

RIF6 Cube Mobile ProjectorDo not let its small size and nondescript appearance fool you. The RIF6 Cube is definitely revolutionary in the projection industry. The unassuming cube, measuring 2” x 2” x 1.9” inches is definitely small and obviously portable, perfect for bringing it anywhere you may need it. It is made of weightless aluminium so it is very light at a measly 0.30 pounds or 136g! You can carry it anywhere without worrying about excessive weight.

The projector only comes in the color silver which really complements its simple but elegant cube design. The front panel sports its actual projector and a built-in speaker. A side panel has the micro-SD slot and the MHL port along with the focus adjuster. The sleek design features bare ornamentation but focuses on things that you need. Functionality and simplicity does go well with the projector’s portability and size.

Small Size, Big Punch

Despite its diminutive size, the RIF6 Cube projector still packs a strong punch with its vibrant LED light projection. It promises up to 20,000 hours of projection and its display can stretch up to 120 inches or 304 cms. Native resolution is at 854 x 480 (WVGA) and has a throw ratio of 1.99 by 1, distance over width. However, video input can support up to full HD 1080p so you can use file formats using the best resolution there is.

RIF6 Cube Mobile ProjectorThis handy device was designed to be on par with the current generation mobile devices and then some. It is compatible with almost every mobile device currently in the market and all PC and Apple computers.

With its HDMI and MHL ports and their corresponding cables, the RIF6 Cube breaks away from the hassle of device connectivity and gives you the capability to project from any of your devices through the simple connection between it and your gadgets. With that in mind, you can rest assured that this great product will work perfectly with any device from any brand of your liking.

The projector does come with a built-in speaker, but given its size it isn’t that powerful. However, the designers did think of this and gave it a 3.5mm headphone jack so you can connect it to your external speakers of your liking so that the sound component of your presentation comes up to the level you want.

The RIF6 Cube mini projector is powered by lithium ion batteries that come with the package. A full charge can deliver up to 90 non-stop minutes of projection without the need of plugging it in. For longer screen times, keep the device plugged in to ensure the show goes on for as long as you like.

With all these features, it’s guaranteed to be one of the best if not the best ultra-portable projector in the market now. It is very portable because it is so small that it can fit in your palm easily and because it is so light, barely weighing at a little over a quarter of a pound. Compatibility with almost all devices guarantees you access to projection without the need of transferring files your computer, making this projector really mobile ready. This mobile projector is truly the missing link from our mobile devices to our viewing pleasure and bridges the gap our mobile lives lack. Gone are the days of awkwardly setting up large and cumbersome projectors in meeting rooms or huddling shoulder to shoulder to view our media in one small screen.


  1. Highly mobile and portable, bring it anywhere you go
  2. Compatibility with virtually almost all devices
  3. Sleek and simple design provides intuitive interface and control


  1. The built-in speaker is acceptably not powerful enough but is remedied by connecting to external speakers
  2. Brightness and vividness may be an issue in well-lit rooms, as with almost all projectors, mini or otherwise
  3. Native resolution may not support fully support text presentation and cause blurred text

Technical specifications

  • Size: 2″ x 2″ x 1.9″
  • Weight: 0.30 lbs/136g
  • Brightness: Full 50 Lumens
  • Image size: 120″/304cm max
  • Throw ratio: 1.99:1 (dist/width)
  • Video input: Micro SD, MHL & HDMI
  • Speaker: Built-in, but allows for connectivity with external speakers

Package Inclusions

RIF6 Cube Mobile Projector

  • The RIF6 Cube Mobile Projector
  • A flexible min tripod and its tripod attachment
  • A remote control
  • A charger
  • HDMI cable for Apple and PC
  • A micro USB cable
  • MHL Cable to 5 pin for Android devices
  • MHL Cable to 11 pin for Samsung devices
  • The projector manual and quickstart guide
Don't let its small size and nondescript appearance fool you, the RIF6 is unassuming, but packs a mighty punch. As an "ultra-portable" projector its all value and has great mobile connectivity. Definitely worth the money and will satisfy a number of use cases.

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