Portable Projector Screen

One of the most useful accessories you can invest in when you own a mini projector is a portable projector screen.

Portable screens come in a variety of shapes and sizes, from the ultra portable to the slightly larger to accompany the high resolution abilities of the newest mini projectors.

Using a portable screen will enhance your presentations and afford you better, more professional visual communication.

Table top vs. Stand

Here at MPW we like to categorise projector screens into two categories:

  1. Table top models – designed to be unfolded and pulled up while sitting comfortably on a table top or desk. Quite often in ultraportable sizes 30” (< 75cm) and under.
  2. Stand models – portable projector screen that requires a stand or come with a stand. Usually a little bigger than the ultraportable table top models.

What sizes can you get portable projector screens?

There are about as many physical sizes as there are projector screens on the market and it seems that every brand has their own ideas of what size a screen should be. But we’ve broken down screen categories into what we call Ultra portable sized projector screens and Slightly larger portable projector screens.

Ultra portable size portable projector screens

The ultra portable screens we have selected are seriously small. Perfect for on the desk presenting and so portable that you can pretty much chuck them straight in your laptop bag or briefcase. We think this is the ultimate accompaniment to any unit.

Elite PB15G7 Portable Projector Screen ELITE SCREENS PB15G7 Micro-Flip Series Portable Screen

  • Measuring just 15″ x 9″ x 12″ (38cm x 23cm x 31cm)
  • Mini-flip design accompanies low lumen pocket LED projectors for notebook PC presentations
  • Compact design fits into briefcase or notebook case
  • Magnetic clasp allows for simple setup
  • Starbright 7 ultra-high gain 7.0 screen

FAVI Portable Projector Screen FAVI Portable Tabletop Projector Screen

  • No setup or assembly required
  • Gain Rating: 2.5
  • Perfect solution for low lumen, handheld units (<500 Lumens)
  • Screen Dimensions: from 20″ (51cm)

3M PS05B Portable Projector Screen 3M PS05B Portable Screen

  • Doubles the brightness versus traditional screen
  • 16″ tall and pulls out to 26-3/4″
  • 26″ diagonal viewing area (16:9)
  • Carrying case included
  • Flame retardant and mildew resistant
  • 30″ diagonal 4:3 screen format offers 24″ x 18″ viewing area
  • Self-standing design w/ foldable feet located on each side of the case
  • Screen surface could wipe with soft cloth
  • Aluminum case protects the screen during transportation
  • Case w/ lockable system instantly expands for simple setup & use
  • Easy to carry
  • Folds up
  • 11″ x 14.75″ folded
  • 16.5 inch Diagonal, 16.5″ x 9.5″

Slightly larger portable screens

The slightly larger, yet still portable screens below are (as described) a bit bigger than the ones above yet still quite portable. They are brilliant for those situations where you are presenting to larger groups or just wish to view on a larger scale.

Ultraportable Tabletop Screen Epson Ultraportable Tabletop Screen

  • Lightweight, one-piece design, only 8.8 lb.
  • Fast, easy setup on tabletops
  • Display up to a 50-Inch diagonal image
  • Fits in airplane overhead compartment
  • Forms its own carrying case, 34.5-Inch long

Elite Screens EZ Cinema Floor Pull Up Projection Screen Elite Screens EZ Cinema Floor Pull Up Projection Screen

  • Easy to transport and set up for traveling presentations or the “Home Theater in A Box” presentation
  • Features a simple telescoping support mechanism to adjust screen height
  • Built-in carrying handle for enhanced mobility
  • Aluminum casing provides rugged protection of your screen
  • Includes 3/4″ black top/side masking with adjustable bottom rise masking

80IN Dia Dlx Insta Theater Portable Projector Screen 80IN Dia Dlx Insta Theater Portable Projector Screen

  • Features a unique pneumatic scissor mechanism for raising and lowering the screen surface.
  • Wide Power fabric will be seamless in all sizes.
  • Viewing Angle: 45 degree
  • Gain: 2.2

Can I get a carry case for my portable screen?

Yes, in fact 90% of portable projector screens actually come with a carry case. You can also buy cases separately in a variety of sizes.

Da-Lite 50 ZIPPER BAG Da-Lite 50 Zipper Bag

  • Handy zipper
  • Suits up to 50″ screens (127cms)

70 inch Zipper Bag for Tripod Screen 70 inch Zipper Bag for Tripod Screen

  • Handy zipper
  • Suits up to 70″ portable screens (178cms)

The smaller ones especially tend to fold up into quite a small package – something you can easily carry with you inside your laptop bag without adding too much extra weight.

Will I need a tripod for my mini projector?

If the portable projector screen you purchase is one of the larger, non-table top models then you probably don’t need a stand as it should come with it’s own.

For the rest of us, if there isn’t a table nearby you might require one and we’ve selected two that we think are portable enough for use with a mini projector while still giving you the desired functionality.

Quartet Portable Projector Table Quartet Portable Projector Table

  • Perfect for those on the go or in conference rooms with little space
  • Sturdy tabletop can hold a laptop and data projector or other presentation material
  • Telescoping legs adjust from 21 – 38 inches (53 – 96cms) for tabletop or floor-standing use
  • Foldable legs for storage and handle for easy transport
  • Holds up to 75 pounds (34 kgs)

203 Project-O-Stand Mini Projector Table 203 Project-O-Stand Mini Projector Table

  • 11.25″ x 19″ (28.5cm x 48.2cm)
  • 4 telescopic legs
  • 25″ x 17″ Base
  • Can hold 2 projectors side by side
  • Holds up to 125 lbs

We always recommend purchasing telescopic stands and tripods because you can adjust the height for the situation – something you’ll find incredibly handy.

Most of the time though you can make do with a desk or a table. The whole idea of a mini projector is to be able to conduct presentations anywhere but it’s always good to be prepared for any situation.