Latest Mini Projector Reviews

AAXA P3 Pico Pocket Projector

The AAXA P3 is a little gem. It's bright and portable, perfect for business presentations and comes with all the accessories you need. For it's size it's extremely versatile and it keeps pace with many of the more expensive mini projectors. A fantastic buy.

Porta-Trace Mini-Sketch

If you're an artist looking for that advantage to make your art pieces really shine, you'll definitely be interested in the Porta-Trace Mini-Sketch projector. It's great for blowing up images for copying and tracing and has a range of applications that is sure to get your mind racing. Check it out.

Review: Samsung SP-H03 Mini Projector

The Samsung SP-H03 is a decent example of a business grade mini projector. It has a couple of shortcomings that would make it more usable, but nothing major. Because of these though, we couldn't in good faith give it the rating it probably deserved given the rest of the awesome features. For a very tiny projector that would be great to take on the road for you, it's perfect.

Review: Optoma PK320 Mini Projector

Optoma PK320 1080 Mini Projector

While there's other projectors out there with better features in one area or another the Optoma PK320 delivers the whole package. It's a projector that covers everything a mini projector should be: Portable, light weight, bright, and highly connectible. We recommend it's use for business as you'll find it's software very compatible with all files you need to present and can be used as a standalone unit. A great buy!

Koolertron Pocket Cinema iPhone Projector

The Koolertron Pocket Cinema is a great little gadget that could bring a lot of fun to a party or camping trip. The built in speaker makes it perfect for sharing movies and picture slideshows directly from your iPhone or iPod. For a sub-$100 product it's fantastic.

Review: Joybee GP2 iPhone/iPad Mini Projector

The Joybee GP2 from BenQ is a truly multifunctional mini projector. We can see it being used in a range of situations from home entertainment, to business, to leisure time. It has top of the line innovative features that you won't find on all projectors. We think it's a top pick and certainly the standout mini projector of the year.

Review: Acer K11 Portable Projector

Acer doesn't seem sure about how to pitch the K11, but we know it's a projector for serious business people. It has all the connectivity, design, and portability that you need in a business grade projector and given it's excellent new generation rich media user interface you don't even need to tether to a laptop for your presentations. A perfect companion for the road.

Review: Optoma PT105 Gaming Mini Projector

If you're looking for a family oriented mini projector the Optoma PT105 is sure to be a hit. Set it up with video games or movies and you have yourself an instant cinema and something that will be well worth the money when it comes to keeping young ones occupied.

Review: Vivitek Qumi Q2 Mini Projector

If you're looking to replace your bulky unit with a smaller variety, then consider the Vivitek Qumi Q2. It's a well featured little projector that would do well in a variety of scenarios such as home theatre or for travelling on business. Available in black or white gloss finish.

Review: Apple iPhone 4/4S Mini Projector

Although it's not a full featured mini projector, for projecting your iPhone 4/4S or iPod Touch it's fantastic. It is tech-friendly with the phone just snapping into place. With the inbuilt battery and crispy DLP projection images we think this is one sweet gadget.