Latest Mini Projector Reviews

Review: EUG Home Cinema Projector

A larger sized mini projector that is packed with additional features and comes with a huge range of accessories. We love it. Perfect for home use in your theatre or gaming setup.

Review: Magnasonic PP60 Pico Projector

For its size and value for money it's hard to beat this ultra-portable offering from Magnasonic. Comes included with a large range of accessories and features.

Review: iCODIS CB-100W Mobile Projector

Great on-the-go mini projector that provides decent image and connectivity options for a welcoming price. It's small and light. WIFI & battery operation a huge plus. Wish it had higher resolution, but good enough for standard viewing.

Review: Optoma HD141X Home Theater Projector

The Optoma HD141X is going to revolutionize the way you watch movies or TV shows or play video games. Just imagine doing it all on screens up to 300” diagonal. What an experience indeed!

Review: AomeTech UC28 PRO Portable HDMI Mini Home LED Projector

A great buy if you’re in search of a mini LED projector for home use like video playing, watching movies and personal meetings. But, it’s not recommended for classroom teaching, business teaching etc.

Review: ViewSonic PJD5134 3D Mini Projector

A solid business & education oriented projector that also performs well in a home setting. 3D Ready with great brightness and a killer warranty, well worth a look.

Review: BenQ W1070 1080P 3D Ready Mini Projector

Punching well above it's weight with advanced chipset technology, impressive brightness, colours and contrast the BenQ W1070 is the perfect home theatre unit in a mini projector body. Even the home theatre purists will be satisfied.

Review: LG HX300G

Mini Projector Reviews

The LG HX300G is a great all-round mini projector that would make a fantastic replacement projector for your home theatre if you're upgrading to newer technology. It's super quiet, small and light weight which means you could also take it on the road or on holidays. A popular one among the staff here, we think you'll love it!

Review: Vivitek Qumi Q5

Aimed squarely at the home theatre market, this is a serious little mini projector that will knock your socks off with it's image quality. One of the first real contenders for home theatre projector replacement, the Qumi Q5 is a solid buy for the home entertainment system. Check it out!

Review: General Imaging iPico PJ205

We love this unit, it's a great little iPhone projector that will definitely get used. It's the attention to detail that makes this particular mini projector great like the popup connector and the iOS software which you can download for free. Definitely worth checking this out, it's at a great price point as well!