Best Mini Projectors (2017)

Are you searching for the best mini projector of 2017? We’re reviewing projectors constantly on our website and the team love sharing what we’ve learned.

As with any product, especially electrical goods, there’s good mini projectors and bad mini projectors.

If you’re in serious research mode and about to pull the trigger on buying a mini projector here’s our top 3 tips to ensure you get the best one:

  1. Keep the purpose in mind – this means if you’re planning on using it for business presentations that will be different than if you’re just setting up an outdoor theatre in your back yard.
  2. Choose your budget – there’s low and and top end projectors, keep your budget in mind and get the best your money can buy.
  3. Research thoroughly – narrow down to 2 or 3 models and compare them side by side before you make your final choice.

Here’s some of the most recent projectors we’ve reviewed:

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