Modern mini projectors have a range of applications that are no longer limited to the boardroom or lounge room.

They are uniquely placed in our world of the “all-in-one” device. Mini projectors can’t be easily integrated into a mobile phone just like a camera (though some have tried) because we as consumers demand better specs, more connectivity and features.

We’ve written a number of articles around different topics to consider when you’re picking your mini projector. It’s a choice that is quite personal as each user’s requirements can be quite different.

To some connectivity is the main feature and as long as it’s small enough it doesn’t matter. For others on the road, size and weight is a huge issue.

Others still just want to upgrade their home theatre to something more modern and feature packed than their old school bulb projector.

So let us cover the technology, reviews and accessories that you need to be across for you.. read on!

Best iPad Projectors (2017)

Tech-giant Apple is not only known for their handheld device known as the iPhone. They are also renowned for their tablet aptly called as the iPad. Steve Jobs introduced this device on January 27, 2010 and just like other Apple gadgets, the iPad runs on iOS, the company’s very own mobile operating system. To date,

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Best HD Mini Projectors (2017)

Viewing your favourite photos and videos has definitely made a turn for the better. Over the years, projectors have evolved from a simple lantern with only oil lamps and candles as its primary light source to palm-size devices with built-in batteries that you can effortlessly bring to your next outdoor adventure with friends and family.

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Best Mini Projectors For Mac Laptops (2017)

Tech giant Apple is one of the most sought after brands in the market today. Aside from their iPhones, iPad, and iPod, the multi-billion dollar company is well-admired for pushing high-quality Mac laptops.  For some, the specifications of their models doesn’t equate to the outrageous price tags. Many argue that with one Macbook, you can

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Best iPhone Projectors (2017)

It was way back in 2007 when Apple, a tech company from California, forever changed the industry with their ground-breaking handset known as the iPhone. Back then a palm size mobile handset with computer-like capabilities was nowhere to be found that is until Apple introduced the first generation iPhone. It shook the entire tech industry

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Best Android Projectors (2017)

Technology’s relentless march has given us the ability to share more ideas with each other in ways we couldn’t have imagined a few decades ago. A few years back, we were limited to sharing our content to other people either by sending it to their devices or by using projectors connected to computers. In a

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Best Home Cinema Mini Projectors (2017)

There’s nothing like watching your favorite television show or movie at the comfort of your own home. Just imagine a bowl full of your preferred popcorn flavor, a pint of ice cream, and unlimited soft drink while you sit on your couch, surrounded by pillows and blankets and not by rowdy cinema goers. If you

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Best Mini Projectors For Kids (2017)

It’s no secret that watching movies and television is a favourite past time for children. Whether it may a group of friends hanging at the same street, a dynamic duo out on an exciting outdoor adventure or a sponge living in a pineapple under the sea, they can’t help but spend hours immersing themselves in

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Best Mini Projectors For Business Presentations (2017)

If you want to impress your clients, there’s nothing like showing what your company can offer via a visual presentation. Just think about, if you were the client would you be happy to do business with a company that only provides you with their offered services only on a sheet of paper? Of course not!

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Best Sub-$200 Mini Projectors (2017)

Because of the bulky design and heavy weight of projectors they are normally found in offices and cinemas. But with the advent of technology, you can now find projectors at home. They are known as pocket, micro, pico, and mini projectors. Whatever you call it, this kind of projector is highly convenient to use because

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Best Battery Powered Mini Projectors (2017)

Mini projectors offer a myriad of advantages over conventional counterparts. One of which is portability. A mini project typically comes in palm sized measurements and can weigh less than one pound up to 3 pounds. The portable size and easy-to-carry weight makes it the best companion for individuals who are always on the go. If

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