Sci Fi To Reality: A Roll Up Computer Monitor?

I saw this question on Quora recently and had to laugh a little bit.

It sounds like science fiction, right? A roll up computer monitor that you can take with you.

Well, there’s a great alternative to this “paper monitor” idea that’s also something you can fit in your pocket.

Can you guess what it is? Yes, a mini projector!

Seriously though, instead of fantasising about what could be with roll up monitors and 3D holograms, check out one of these mini projectors that will definitely fit in your pocket:

Optoma PK101

An extraordinary projector that will fit right in your pocket and not damage your wallet too much (it’s cheap). It includes all the accessories it needs and connects to all your iDevices and other multimedia.

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iGo UP-2020

Originally developed for the Flip, the iGo is a sweet little unit that can hook itself up to many different kinds of devices. It has mini HDMI which is cool. It’s also lightweight and looks a treat. If you’re budget conscious check it out.

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Microvision SHOWWX

The SHOWWX by Microvision is one of the most popular mini projectors we’ve ever reviewed on our site. You can take it on the road or use it around the house. The other cool thing is that it uses Microvision’s own PicoP laser projection technology which delivers crystal clear imagery at a fraction of the cost of high end DLP mini projectors.

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