The Great Mobile Projector Portability Race

Mobile projector

Mobility is something that mini projectors were designed from the ground up for. The largest complaint in the past with projectors has been the extremely bulky size.

Projector technology has come a long way to be able to fit inside a device not much larger than your standard smart phone.

Mini projector for mobile phones and smart phones

Almost as soon as the iPhone was out a lightbulb must have gone off in someone’s head because it spurred the greatest innovation that the projector space has seen in over a decade.

When it comes to portability, function and style the iPhone is class leading. It makes sense then that when you want to share those great features with someone else that you shouldn’t have to cram around it’s tiny screen. This is where the iPhone compatible mini projector comes in.

In the last few years there has been an explosion of iPhone projectors enter the market and especially with the larger resolution of the new iPhone there are some pretty decent options available.

The birth of the ultra portable projector

Portability of your mini projector is something you really need to weigh up (both literally and figuratively).

The smaller the projector and the lighter it is, the more likely you will be able to quickly throw it in your laptop bag or your backpack and be on your way.

Once of the greatest advantages of mini projectors in general is their claimed portability and manufacturers have been slowing challenging each other to reduce the size and weight of mini projectors over the last decade.

We now have to ability to embed projection units into mobile devices and other small devices which is spurring a great new line of mini projectors aimed as being a companion device to Iphones and other mobile smart phones.

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