Can I connect a mini projector to an external USB drive and directly watch movies?

Wouldn’t it be great to be able to just hook up your external USB drive to your mini projector and turn it into a portable cinema?

Well with some of the more modern mini projectors you can do exactly that.

To do so however you need to look for a very specific set of features which will allow you to directly play movies on your mini projector from your external USB harddrive.

  1. USB or mini-USB port
  2. Media center style software
  3. Ability to play common media formats including AVI, MP4, and others.

Optoma ML300 Mini Projector The Optoma ML300 is one of those mini projectors that you could use for this purpose. It features a USB-A an also a mini-USB port for playing media directly from the drive.

This include movies and also other types of media. We recently reviewed the Optoma ML300 here on the site and were quite pleased with it considering all the other features as well. It has our best rating of 5 stars.

3M MP410 Mini Projector Another projector that you might consider for this is the 3M MP410 which is one of the latest mini projectors from 3M. They really made a great unit here, it’s small and light (much smaller than the Optoma ML300 so it gets a big plus there), and it also plays movies direct from USB.

It has a USB-A connector and also features onboard storage of 1GB which is pretty cool meaning you could just load the movie files direct onto the mini projector and take it with you. This is great for presentations and such.

We reviewed the 3M MP410 and gave it a generous 5 stars as well.

Dell M110 Mini Projector The last projector we want to recommend for playing movies direct from an external USB drive is the Dell M110 which is their latest mini projector.

You can play movies and also audio, images, and presentations direct from the unit, plus it has a great brightness and contrast rating.

You can read our review of the Dell MP410 here. It also achieved a 5 star rating.

So there you have it, 3 great projectors all with 5 star ratings that we recommend for connecting a mini projector an external USB drive to directly watch movies.

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