Picking a Mini Projector Screen

When you’ve been using your mini projector for a while it becomes obvious that something is missing.

Not every surface you project your presentations, movies and video games on is flat or white.

This is where a mini projector screen would come in really handy.

Table or Standalone Mini Projector Screen

You can buy mini projector screens that sit nicely on a table or other bit of furniture. Screens like the FAVI Portable Projector Screen. It simply rolls out, no assembly required and is perfect to boost the visibility of the images your mini projector projects.

It has a screen width of 20″ (51cm) which is quite small compared to what some mini projectors can project up to, but is quite big when you’re using it in a room to project your presentations.

FAVI Portable Projector Screen

Other screens you can buy for your mini projector are pull up models that are completely standalone and great for taking on the road with you to venues.

The main thing you’re after is an easy to transport package that rolls up nicely into it’s own container like the Elite Screens EZ Cinema Floor Pull Up Projection Screen.

Elite Screens EZ Cinema Floor Pull Up Projection Screen

This screen has a telescoping support mechanism that helps adjust the height and keep it steady. There’s a built in handle and a rugged aluminium case to project the projection screen and make it nice and portable.

Mini Projector Screen Sizes

There’s as many screens as there are sizes when it comes to mini projector screens.

The most important tip I can offer is to ensure you buy a screen that matches the capabilities of your mini projector. Check out our mini projector reviews to find a mini projector that will suit for the purpose, then come back here or look at our comprehensive portable projector screens page to find a mini projector screen that will fit the projection dimensions of your mini projector.

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