How To Turn Your iPhone Into A Mini Projector

When you think about all the great features your iPhone has, it’s certainly something that you could see would be great to turn into a mini projector.

Sharing now the social norm, but when it comes to sharing something like a video on your iPhone it’s actually hard. You either have to email the link to the video to your friend and have them play and buffer it on their own phone or you can try and crowd around your tiny little iPhone screen.

This is where a mini projector can really come into play. Imagine instead of doing that, you just splash your screen up onto the wall and share that great clip, or show your presentation, or whatever you need to do.

Mini Projectors For iPhone

Mini projectors for iPhone have been around for while, but today we want to feature two really cool iPhone projectors that have come out recently that we reviewed.

These are great mini projectors in and of themselves but we think they deserve a special mention. They are also very different from each other and we’ll explain why.

BenQ Joybee GP2 iPhone Mini Projector

Joybee GP2 Mini Projector The Joybee GP2 from BenQ is a truly multifunctional mini projector. We can see it being used in a range of situations from home entertainment, to business, to leisure time. It has top of the line innovative features that you won’t find on all projectors. We think it’s a top pick and certainly the standout mini projector of the year.

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Why it’s good for iPhone

The Joybee GP2 is a really innovating little mini projector. Besides having great a brightness rating, great native resolution and incredible styling, it’s coolest feature by far is the in-built iPhone and iPod dock.

This dock lets you interface directly with the projector and not rely on cables like most other mini projectors.

Koolertron Pocket Cinema iPhone Projector

Koolertron Pocket Cinema Iphone Projector The Koolertron Pocket Cinema is a great little gadget that could bring a lot of fun to a party or camping trip. The built in speaker makes it perfect for sharing movies and picture slideshows directly from your iPhone or iPod. For a sub-$100 product it’s fantastic.

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Why it’s good for iPhone

The Koolertron certainly isn’t the most feature packed mini projector but it’s definitely a great with with the iPhone. We love how it interfaces directly with the iPhone and the fact that it comes with a tripod that lets you mount your iPhone and adjust.

It’s also totally portable being extra small, battery operated and with an in-built speaker. Its perfect for our share friendly society and great to whip out at parties.

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