Can Mini Projectors Run For Long Hours?

One of the great advancements in projector technology in the past few years has been the switch from standard bulb projectors to LED driven mini projectors.

While it’s taken a long time for the switch the happen in this industry (LEDs TVs have been around for much longer) we’re starting to see a lot of hardcore projector fanatics make the switch because the benefits are starting to really out way the negatives.

LED technology has become a lot more efficient for running a projection unit for a number of reasons and main complaint of bad brightness levels responsible for challenging the idea of switching old bulb driven projectors to new LED mini projectors are becoming a thing of the past.

Can a mini projector run for long hours?

Older projectors are often setup in home cinema, commercial advertising, schools and more different scenarios requiring them to be on for the majority of the day. And though we’re the first to admit that some of these long duty cycle projectors will take a while to replace with mini projectors we are already seeing the switch start to take place.

The short answer to the question is “Yes.” A mini projector is actually, perfectly placed to run for long hours because they produce less heat and have lower power consumption. They also don’t require bulb changes which is a common problem of standard projectors.

LED Lifetime

The LED light source in DLP mini projectors commonly last anything up to 30,000 hours depending on how they are manufactured and what kinds of guarantees the manufacturer is willing to put on the LEDs themselves.

Translated into something more comprehensible, this means you could run your mini projector for 8 hours a day, 7 days a week, for over 10 years!

Digital signage and home theatre scenarios

Because you can run mini projectors for long hours we think they are great for commercial advertising and digital signage as they are cheaper and more portable than an LED TV and consume a tiny amount of power in comparison.

They are also great for home theatre setups as you can mount your mini projector and enjoy movies on the large screen without the worry about wearing out the bulb too much or having that terrible fan noise right next to your head.

These are also just two scenarios requiring long hours from a projector. These days a mini projector is the smarter choice for many similar settings.

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