Are Brand Name HDMI Cables Better Than No-Name Brands?

A lot of mini projectors these days are starting to come out with HDMI, so it’s worth considering what kind of cabling you will be using with your projector to get the best video quality.

If your mini projector does actually come with a HDMI cable (and not to mention a mini-HDMI adapter) then chances are it will be the cheapest the manufacturer could find at the time.

So that begs the question, are brand name HDMI cables better than no-name brands?

HDMI Cables The short answer is: No.

Here’s the thing, because HDMI is a digital format the cable itself will have no impact on performance of the signal itself.

Since digital signals are not like analog signals in that they degrade, they either work when the receiver receives the digital information or they don’t.

Insulation thickness and cable length dictates the amount of signal lost in analog signals, but it’s not so with digital signal data.

In other words, the digital information transmitting across the cable is going to be the same regardless of the “brand” or quality of the cable. Digital signals don’t discriminate.

So, your cheap HDMI cables are just as good as those $60 cables you paid for at your specialty electronics retailer.

There can be one exception though and that is very very long runs of cables.

For really long lengths (like over 20 meters!) you may wish to consider higher quality cables. But, even in this case with that kind of length you’ll need to consider a signal extender.

So there you have it, don’t bother with those expensive $50-100 HDMI cables, the only thing you’ll be sacrificing is your money! A cheap $10 set will do just the same job with no quality loss.

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