Best Mini Projector for Outdoors

Do you like to have BBQs and throw gatherings with your friends and family? If so, you’ve probably wondered about what the best mini projector for outdoors would be.

Now that mini projectors are really becoming a mature technology you’re finding that the low lumen producing models of a few years ago are disappearing and being replaced with high brightness and high contrast mini projectors that are perfect for outdoor settings.

Setting the kids up in the back yard with a tent, some popcorn and their favourite movie projected across a big screen (or even a white sheet over the fence!) has never been easier.

What you want most of all in an outdoor mini projector

Best Mini Projector OutdoorHere’s the most desirable features you should be looking for in an outdoor mini projector:

  • High brightness
  • High contrast
  • Portability; and
  • Connectivity

High brightness and contrast will ensure a good quality image (even if it is only for the kids). Portability means it will be easy to setup and tear down as well saving you time.

Connectivity is important because sometimes people might want to display movies from their iphone or you can load your movie files onto a USB stick.

Our picks for the best outdoor mini projector (in no particular order!)

3M MP410 Mini Projector

3M MP410 Outdoor Mini Projector The 3M MP410 is a step up from it’s predecessors. With vivid colors and super bright picture we can totally recommend this mini projector as a great home theatre replacement. It’s also light and small enough to become a business projection unit and with it’s wide file support for business presentations and videos it’s easy to see why. We think it’s a top of the line projector with a great future ahead of it.

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AAXA P4 Mini Projector

AAXA P4 Outdoor Mini Projector The AAXA P4 and it’s sibling model the AAXA P4-X is an interesting projector. It’s well equipped as far as features go, but choosing the right model is confusing. We would have liked to see it all features consolidated into one unit. That said, if you’re after a mini projector that can work independently check it out as it’s a good workhorse projector for business use.

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Dell M110 Mini Projector

Dell M110 Outdoor Mini Projector While it would have been great that the Dell M110 came with more accessories included, we couldn’t not give this mini projector 5 stars. It’s a very versatile home theatre projector while still being suitable to take on the road with you. We think it’s a great all rounder projector that would be quite comfortable sitting in your home theatre or projecting that important sales presentation. Check it out!

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Optoma PK320 Mini Projector

Optoma PK320 Outdoor Mini Projector While there’s other projectors out there with better features in one area or another the Optoma PK320 delivers the whole package. It’s a projector that covers everything a mini projector should be: Portable, light weight, bright, and highly connectible. We recommend it’s use for business as you’ll find it’s software very compatible with all files you need to present and can be used as a standalone unit. A great buy!

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Joybee GP2 iPhone/iPad Mini Projector

Joybee GP2 Outdoor Mini Projector The Joybee GP2 from BenQ is a truly multifunctional mini projector. We can see it being used in a range of situations from home entertainment, to business, to leisure time. It has top of the line innovative features that you won’t find on all projectors. We think it’s a top pick and certainly the standout mini projector of the year.

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Acer K11 Portable Projector

Acer K11 Portable Outdoor Mini Projector Acer doesn’t seem sure about how to pitch the K11, but we know it’s a projector for serious business people. It has all the connectivity, design, and portability that you need in a business grade projector and given it’s excellent new generation rich media user interface you don’t even need to tether to a laptop for your presentations. A perfect companion for the road.

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Optoma PT105 Gaming Outdoor Mini Projector

Optoma PT105 If you’re looking for a family oriented mini projector the Optoma PT105 is sure to be a hit. Set it up with video games or movies and you have yourself an instant cinema and something that will be well worth the money when it comes to keeping young ones occupied.

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Outdoor projection screens

Elite Screens EZ Cinema Floor Pull Up Projection Screen

Elite Screens EZ Cinema Floor Pull Up Outdoor Projection Screen

  • Easy to transport and set up for traveling presentations or the “Home Theater in A Box” presentation
  • Features a simple telescoping support mechanism to adjust screen height
  • Built-in carrying handle for enhanced mobility
  • Aluminum casing provides rugged protection of your screen
  • Includes 3/4″ black top/side masking with adjustable bottom rise masking

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80IN Dia Dlx Insta Theater Portable Projector Screen

80IN Dia Dlx Insta Theater Portable Outdoor Projector Screen

  • Features a unique pneumatic scissor mechanism for raising and lowering the screen surface.
  • Wide Power fabric will be seamless in all sizes.
  • Viewing Angle: 45 degree
  • Gain: 2.2

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