Best iPhone Projectors (2017)

It was way back in 2007 when Apple, a tech company from California, forever changed the industry with their ground-breaking handset known as the iPhone. Back then a palm size mobile handset with computer-like capabilities was nowhere to be found that is until Apple introduced the first generation iPhone. It shook the entire tech industry with its touchscreen, camera, music player, and other features normally found in different gadgets or devices. Sure, it didn’t have a finger-print scanner, camera flash, and GPS but it did set the standards of smartphones we know and use today.

Fast-forward to 2017, the iPhone, now on its 7th generation, remains as one of the most sought after smartphones in the market today. Apple made subtle design changes with the iPhone 7 but made headlines with the disappearance of the headphone jack. This might be a hit or miss but it doesn’t stop Apple. According to Apple, they’ve sold 78.3 million iPhones. With this figure and Samsung’s recent drawback with Note 7, Apple have reclaimed the top spot as the world’s top smartphone seller.

With such technological advancement in one portable, pocket-size device, you might be wondering how you can make your iPhone even more useful. If you love spending your weekends watching your favourite Netflix shows on your iPhone, you can make your viewing experience more cinema-like when you connect your smartphone to a projector.

We’re not talking about big and bulky projectors that you use in the office. We’re referring to mini projectors. This kind of projector comes with a small and portable design and size, making it suitable for those with limited space at home. What’s more, many projectors today are compatible with iPhones, meaning no complicated installation and connections are needed. Simply turn on the projector, connect your smartphone, and it will project your favourite movies while streaming directly from your mobile handset.  So what are the best projectors for your iPhone? Here is a list of projector models that you may want to consider.

Crenova XPE470 Projector

The Crenova XPE470 Projector is the choice of many because despite its small and compact design you can have a cinema like experience thanks to its 37” to 130” projection output. With a separate adapter or cord purchase, you can connect your iPhone.

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Xinda LCD 130 inch Mini Multi-media Portable Video Projector

The Xinda Mini Multi-media Portable LCD 130 inch Video Projector supports 20” to 120” projection size. It boasts multi-function input so you can also connect your other gadget like laptop, tablet, and television aside from your laptop.

DBPOWER T20 Projector

Many projectors have overheating issues but not the DBPOWER T20 Projector. It is equipped with a cooling system that efficiently disperses the heat out of its housing. If you don’t have a separate speaker to use, don’t worry! It has a superb built-in speaker. To connect your iPhone, you will just need to buy a wireless HDMI dongle.

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Abdtech 1200 Lumens Mini LED

This Abdtech 1200 Lumens projector boasts enhanced image quality with its 1200 lumens and contrast ratio of 1000:1. It also supports 1080 resolution. Just like other brands mentioned in our list, you will need a lightning to HDMI adapter to connect your iPhone to the projector. This is because you can’t view your iPhone as a mass storage device.

RIF6 Cube Mobile Projector

If you prefer a pocket-size projector, a great choice is the RIF6 Cube Mobile Projector. It is a lightweight projector with a 2-inch cube-like design so you can carry it with you without adding extra weight to your bag. But don’t be fooled! This projector might be small but it is loaded with features that you normally find in its bigger counterparts.  Two of its notable features are its 20,000 hours lamp life and 120 inch projection.

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The iPhone might already be a powerful device but if you want to take it to the next level you should get a mini projector. This device allows you to experience cinema like viewing without taking too much space in your home. What’s more, it is inexpensive and effortlessly connects to your smartphone.

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