Best iPad Projectors (2017)

Tech-giant Apple is not only known for their handheld device known as the iPhone. They are also renowned for their tablet aptly called as the iPad. Steve Jobs introduced this device on January 27, 2010 and just like other Apple gadgets, the iPad runs on iOS, the company’s very own mobile operating system. To date, the iPad is now on its fourth generation – this does not include the iPad mini.

The first generation established the series’ distinct design features such as the multi-touch screen and centred button. By the second generation, it was thinner and came with a better processor and camera. It was in its third itineration that you could have an iPad with a Retina Display, 1080p vide0 recording, 5mp camera, and of course, the 4G LTE. The current generation at the point of writing comes with a lighting connector and an Apple A6x processor.

If you have an iPad, you would know this device can easily replace a laptop or personal computer especially when you are on the go. The tablet’s lightweight design and straight-forward and easy to learn interface makes it the perfect companion for either business or personal use. Just think about, would you rather turn-on your computer, set-up the webcam, make a microphone test or simply tap the device’s built-in FaceTime feature? Obviously, you would go rather for the latter because it is faster and simpler.

The question is how can you make your iPad even more useful? The answer lies with a projector.

The screen size of an iPad is great for personal viewing but if you have three or more people with you it can restrict the viewing pleasure of your colleagues, friends, and family. So what do you do? You get a projector. With a projector, you can have the opportunity to conveniently share your photos, videos, and even presentations and still enjoy the features of your device. Unfortunately, some iPad owners don’t explore the idea of getting a projector because of one issue – compatibility. That’s why at Mini Projector Watch, we’ve hunted down the best projectors that can provide seamless connection with your iPad.

Crenova XPE700 Pico Pocket Video Projector

If you don’t want to use an adapter, then this Crenova XPE700 Pico Pocket Video Projector is for you. You can conveniently establish projector connection via WiFi. The projector model also boasts a built-in 4000mAH battery for uninterrupted viewing for as much as two hours.



In order to establish connection with the WEILIANTE Mini LED HD Projector, you should have a lighting to HDMI adapter cable. If you plan to connect your memory card and USB, there are microSD and USB card slots built-in to the device.

DBPOWER T20 1500 Lumens LCD Mini Projector

The DBPOWER T20 1500 Lumens LCD Mini Projector provides another alternative to establishing connection with your iPad. Instead of using an adapter, you will need to have a wireless HDMI dongle. Unfortunately, it’s not included in the package. You will have to make a separate purchase. The advantages of this model versus the Weillante and Crenova is it is equipped with better cooling system.

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Ogima Video Projector

Just like the DBPOWER projector, you will also need to buy a wireless HDMI dongle to use Ogima Video Projector. Its advantage over the DBPOWER is it’s more affordable. Of course, you would get lower brightness and projection distance for its cheap price. But it’s not that far off. For instance, in the DBPOWER model you will get 1500 lumens while the Ogima offers 1300 – that’s a tiny difference if you ask us.

CiBest Projector

Last on our list is the CiBest Projector. It can also support iPad connection if you use a wireless HDMI adapter. If you want sharp projection, the device can support up to 1080p. It also boasts 3200 lumens for brighter output. Projection distance is also commendable as it can go from 35 inches to as much as 280 inches.

If you want to take your viewing to the next level, you should definitely get your hands on these projector models. They can support different gadgets like the iPad. Take note that you will need an Apple VGA adapter. If it isn’t packaged with your choice of projector, you can purchase one for less than $50.

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