Best Android Projectors (2017)

Technology’s relentless march has given us the ability to share more ideas with each other in ways we couldn’t have imagined a few decades ago. A few years back, we were limited to sharing our content to other people either by sending it to their devices or by using projectors connected to computers.

In a localized setting, projecting our content is still arguably the best way to share our content. The larger display makes sure that we catch everyone’s attention and enables us to reach a broader audience. The process does involve a bit of work since we have to transfer our content to computers first before we can project them.

With every person virtually possessing a device capable of storing huge amounts of information and data in their pockets, we are inventing new ways to show the world what we want in innovative ways. Necessity is indeed the mother of innovation as proven by the development of both software and hardware capable of simplifying the process of projecting from our handheld devices.

Nowadays we have the option to directly project them from our handheld devices when developers made projectors directly compatible with android devices! Gone is the need for complicated and cumbersome transfer of content to larger devices just so we can project them.

Projectors, whether full-sized or portable, now come compatible to the Android operating system so we can directly transmit information from our cellphones so everyone can see what we want to show them. The current market provides options varying from the powerful full-sized projectors to mobile projectors you can carry around with you. The choice falls squarely on the user to choose from the projectors in the marketplace but with all the options available these days you are almost guaranteed to find at least one to meet all your needs.

UO Smart Beam Laser

The UO Smart Beam Laser is a mobile projector that can fit inside your palm. At 2.2 x 2.2 x 2.2 inches, it packs a relatively powerful punch with its focus-free laser technology projection. It comes with several connectivity options ranging from cables, wifi-mirroring and others so you can connect it with virtually any device. It is a bit pricey at $300.00+ at the time of writing but with the tech it’s carrying, it is worth the extra buck.

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Lenovo Wireless Projector (ZG38C00505)

This Lenovo ZG38C00505 Wireless Projector is a stylish mobile projector which sports a 50-lumen high-contrast display guaranteed to show vivid images anywhere you take it. It is very versatile with its micro USB, micro SD card slot, DNLA and Miracast connectivity capability so you can connect it with most if not all devices you have. It costs around $250.00 and promises great performance without being too expensive.

Sony Portable HD Mobile Projector (Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, HDMI)

While small enough not to be considered a full-sized projector, the Sony Portable HD Mobile Projector is bigger than what we perceive mobile projectors should be. The larger size does however give us a higher performance yield comparable to the non-mobile projectors. It also supports a variety of connectivity options including Bluetooth, Wi-Fi mirroring and HDMI among others. At the time of writing it is a bit pricier at $400.00+ but outperforms other mobile projectors.

Infocus IN118HDa 3D-Ready DLP 1080p Projector

The Infocus IN118HDa is an affordable projector which performs at a respectable 800×480 resolution but supports 1080p. Aside from the usual ports for cable connectivity, it allows MHL function for android devices as long as your device is connected to a WIFI display dongle or MHL cable. It is very affordable at $150.00+ at the time of writing and can generally service the basic needs of any user.

EUG 4200 Lumen LED Wifi Projector 1080p

The EUG 4200 Lumen LED projector has a very bright and clear projection at 4200 Lumens and LCD TFT displaying 1.67 million colors. It also has a very large display screen of 50 to 150 inches. It offers a wide range of compatibility for connection including both iOS and Android, while sporting an Android OS itself and even supports external mouse and keyboard for ease of access. It goes for a modest $400.00+ price (at the time of writing) for all its features and powerful performance.

Powerful devices like these are designed to meet any and all your projection needs in this fast-paced world. With the advent of these developments, projection is at the tip of your fingertips and is even easier than ever before. Content from your android devices can now be directly transmitted to these projectors so everyone can see what you’ve got.



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