What is laser projector beam-steering?

Laser beam-steering

Beam-steering refers to a technology developed by a company called Microvision.

Microvision’s scanning mirror technology, Micro-Electro-Mechanical System (MEMS), is a tiny little silicon device that features a small mirror at it centre that oscillates vertically and horizontally really fast to redirect (or “beam steer”) a laser beam to capture and reproduce an image pixel-by-pixel.

MEMS technology is the driving force behind the PicoP display engine which is used in mini projectors (also called pico projectors) that are small enough to even embed inside a mobile phone.

Full color gamut

The advantage of laser beam-steering projector technology is that the technology provides the broadest color gamut in display equipment today resulting in a superior color picture. This is because lasers produce truly monochromatic primaries.

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