5 High Lumen Mini Projectors That You Should Check Out

When it comes to picking the right mini projector one of the key features you should be looking at is the brightness value measured in ANSI Lumens.

The word lumen is a measurement unit relating to brightness of a light source.

When related to mini projectors it gives us an idea about how bright the projector will be in varying ambient light conditions. In general, the higher the lumen rating the better it will be in sub-par light conditions.

Technically the definition is:

“The unit of luminous flux, equal to the luminous fluxemitted in a unit solid angle
by a point source of one candleintensity”

– Dictionary.com

Over the last year we have seen a lot of mini projectors released with higher brightness levels thanks to market demand for mini projectors to catch up to the brightness levels of conventional bulb projectors.

This is just another step in the journey to completely replacing conventional bulb projectors with mini projectors.

Below we have compiled a list of 5 of the best high lumen mini projectors on the market right now that you should really check out if you’re shopping around for a mini projector at the moment.

Our Top 5 High Lumen Mini Projectors

ASUS P1 Mini Projector

ASUS P1 Mini Projector While the ASUS P1 has a serious lack of inputs you can’t quite overlook it’s other brilliant features like superior lighting, brightness, auto keystone and the fact that it’s the perfect companion to ASUS laptop owners in particular. It’s like ASUS have taken the best of what makes old school projectors great, upgraded the lighting technology and shrunk it down into an itty bitty package. It’s a great business grade mini projector.


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3M MP410 Mini Projector

3M MP410 Mini Projector The 3M MP410 is a step up from it’s predecessors. With vivid colors and super bright picture we can totally recommend this mini projector as a great home theatre replacement. It’s also light and small enough to become a business projection unit and with it’s wide file support for business presentations and videos it’s easy to see why. We think it’s a top of the line projector with a great future ahead of it.


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Dell M110 Mini Projector

Dell M110 Mini Projector While it would have been great that the Dell M110 came with more accessories included, we couldn’t not give this mini projector 5 stars. It’s a very versatile home theatre projector while still being suitable to take on the road with you. We think it’s a great all rounder projector that would be quite comfortable sitting in your home theatre or projecting that important sales presentation. Check it out!


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Optoma ML500 Mini Projector

Optoma ML500 Mini Projector The Optoma ML500 is a fantastic unit and a great example of where things are going in the world of mini projectors. If you’re after a best of breed mini projector, this is the unit for you. It’s a sophisticated unit with lots of features and great projection quality. It gets a massive thumbs up from us.


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Acer K11 Portable Projector

Acer K11 Portable Mini Projector Acer doesn’t seem sure about how to pitch the K11, but we know it’s a projector for serious business people. It has all the connectivity, design, and portability that you need in a business grade projector and given it’s excellent new generation rich media user interface you don’t even need to tether to a laptop for your presentations. A perfect companion for the road.


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