1080p Pico Projector Roundup

Today we are going to take a look at what to look for when selecting a 1080 pico projector along with rounding up a number of these little 1080p mini projectors for you to look at.

1080p is a video standard found on many modern video cameras, DVDs, Blurays, digital camera and more.

Having a pico projector that does accepts a 1080p video signal will make it perfect for playing high definition images and videos on the big screen.

1080p Pico Projector Roundup

There’s a number of 1080p pico projectors on the market and we have reviewed quite a few here on this site.

Getting a high definition pico projector that supports HD standards for video input is important if you are setting up a home theatre and need a mini projector for playing movies.

We’ve hand picked a few 1080p mini projectors below that will satisfy your HD projecting needs. Note that not all of these project at 1080p (some are only 720p and scale up), but they all accept 1080p signal. Be sure to check out the reviews for more details!

Optoma HD141X Mini Projector

Optoma HD141X Full 3D 1080p 3000 Lumen DLP Home Theater Projector with MHL Enabled HDMI PortThe Optoma HD141X is going to revolutionize the way you watch movies or TV shows or play video games. Just imagine doing it all on screens up to 300” diagonal. What an experience indeed!

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Vivitek Qumi Q5 Mini Projector

Vivitek Qumi Q5 1080p Mini Projector Aimed squarely at the home theatre market, this is a serious little mini projector that will knock your socks off with it’s image quality. One of the first real contenders for home theatre projector replacement, the Qumi Q5 is a solid buy for the home entertainment system. Check it out!

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Optoma ML300 Mini Projector

Optoma ML300 1080p Projector With a huge range of connectivity options and really innovative features like 3D compatibility you can’t really go past the Optoma ML300 mini projector. You can be forgiven for thinking it’s a little large and chunky looking, but we think that’s a good thing – more room for cool features. Because it comes with a large range of accessories as well, we’re giving this thing the thumbs up, it’s a great all round projector and well worth the money.

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BenQ W1070 Mini Projector

BenQ W1070Punching well above it’s weight with advanced chipset technology, impressive brightness, colours and contrast the BenQ W1070 is the perfect home theatre unit in a mini projector body. Even the home theatre purists will be satisfied.

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Optoma ML500 Mini Projector

Optoma ML500 Pico Projector 1080p The Optoma ML500 is a fantastic unit and a great example of where things are going in the world of mini projectors. If you’re after a best of breed mini projector, this is the unit for you. It’s a sophisticated unit with lots of features and great projection quality. It gets a massive thumbs up from us.

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